A positive impact on everything we touch
Over 1800 dedicated people nationwide
Providing critical infrastructure for the UK
A positive impact on everything we touch
Over 1800 dedicated people nationwide
Providing critical infrastructure for the UK

nmcn launches ‘Our Impact 2025’

29th July 2019

Climate change and the impact of ‘greenhouse gasses’ are certainly not new trends, but in recent years have gained more visibility on both a consumer and corporate level.

That’s why as part of Earth Overshoot Day 2019, we’re launching the latest priority in our Positive Impact Plan 2025. The ‘Our Impact 2025’ plan will help us continue to improve our environmental performance to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment.


Tackling climate change

From changing global weather patterns to health fears from worsening CO2 levels, the effects are becoming clearer and the long-term climate change projections are frightening.

We all know that the environment is an important issue and on a personal level many of us are making changes to reduce our impact, like recycling more at home and reducing single use plastics.

In June 2019 the government announced the ambitious aim of reducing carbon emissions to zero in the UK by 2050. But how do these figures stack up in large-scale reality? While it’s a step in the right direction to use a reusable cup for your morning coffee, changes must be led by industry if the country is going to meet its commitments.

Climate change is after all a huge, multifaceted issue, and the construction industry can play an important role helping fight the battle.

As an industry, construction can have a tendency towards high carbon emissions at almost every stage of the operation. We believe that our industry has two clear responsibilities:

  • To create a built environment that has minimal negative impact on the environment
  • To minimise the environmental impact of the construction process


Cutting down on carbon

As with all businesses, our emissions fall across three scopes, (1) direct emissions – directly controlled by the organisation, (2) indirect emissions – from the creation of electricity purchased by the organisation and (3) other indirect emissions – occurring from sources that you are not in direct control of – such as through the wider supply chain.

Typically, construction businesses create the bulk of emissions via direct emissions – often due to the widespread geographical locations of sites, large fleet volumes and the use of plant machinery on site.

While the nature of the industry could be used as an excuse for why construction emissions are so high, for us we’re looking at how the control we have over our direct emissions can feed into a strategy to reduce our environmental impact.

So how are we going to do that?

In 2019 we’re developing our low carbon strategy to help us achieve a 35% reduction in our carbon emissions by 2025. Amongst others, our low carbon initiatives will include:

  • Full fleet reviews to maximise use of low carbon vehicles and plant
  • Sourcing energy from low carbon sources and introducing energy reduction policies
  • Supply chain engagement and awareness raising – making use of low carbon materials.

Earth overshoot day represents the day of the year the demand for ecological resources by the world’s population outstrips what the earth can regenerate in that year. At nmcn we’re proud to have launched the ‘Our Impact 2025’ plan to do our bit to help #movethedate for future generations.

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